If you have been the victim of a burglary or theft, it can leave you feeling shocked and vulnerable. As well as the financial cost, there is the trauma of having your home broken into and personal belongings and valuables taken. At such a distressing time, you need to feel supported – but your insurance company may not be as helpful as you thought they would.


An insurance company is a business and will aim to protect their interests by trying to pay out as little as posssible.In order to do this they appoint loss adjusters who are insurance experts they will investigate the claim and the circumstances of the crime to see how it can be settled to their best advantage.
It is becoming more and more common for policy holders to employ their own representatives to deal with the insurance company’s loss adjusters, in order to negotiate on their behalf. The result is that usually, a more balanced approach and fairer settlement is reached because the policy holders representative or Loss Assessor is trying to achieve settlement in the policy holder’s favour.


An insurance loss assessor will manage your claim for you. Work on your behalf so that you are supported and make claim presentation and negotiation as easy as possible. They are likely to speed up the process by being involved as there are two insurance professionals dealing with each other ie the loss assessor and the insurance company’s loss adjuster.


Our tariff


Charge *BASED ON GROSS PAYOUT / SETTLEMENT i.e before excess and any other payments for which you are liable or deductions which are applicable to you.

Final settlement Band 1

€1,500 to €8,000 = 12% to HCC e.g. Pay out is €5,400 you pay us €648

Final settlement Band 2

€8,001 to €25,000 = 10% to HCC e.g. Pay out is €9,400 you pay us €940

Final settlement Band 3

€25,001 to €50,000 = 9% to HCC e.g pay out is €30,000 you pay us €2,700

Final settlement Band 4

€50,001 to €70,000 = 8% to HCC e.g. pay out is €60,000 you pay us €4,800

Final settlement Band 5

€70,001 to €100,000 = 7% to HCC e.g. pay out is €120,000 you pay us €7,200

Any Final settlement in Excess of €100,000

6% to HCC e.g. pay out is €125,000 you pay us €8,750

Professional photography service

from* €100 for 10 items (2/3 shots of each item matching sets of 3 pieces will be counted as 1 item) a disc of the photographs will included in the charge. We will keep a back up of your photos on our database for a €25 annual charge.


Work for 3rd party clients such as fellow loss assessors, legal representatives etc fee scales to be agreed upon appointment.
We will undertake HNW loss adjusting (only where no conflict of interests applies) on a bespoke basis. (Contact Stephen directly to discuss)
*Important Notice HCC are based in Dublin. We serve Dublin, Co Dublin, Meath, Kildare and Louth/Dublin borders without additional call out charges. We will be pleased to serve other counties however, a call out charge of €40 is applicable on the day of our initial visit. This charge is in addition to the tariff set out in this site.

Thank You.