We provide Loss Assessing services and expertise in valuable contents items such as Jewellery and Works of Art. As soon as an incident such as a burglary or theft is reported to you by a client, it is advisable to contact HCC to represent your client’s interests from the outset. We meet your client to obtain details of the loss and a preliminary list of the stolen items and damaged sustained.If required we meet the adjuster or insurance company representative. We then compile and supply them with the claim schedule and assist in providing any estimates required. Following this we can negotiate a settlement on behalf of your client however, we will not agree a settlement without your client confirming acceptance in writing.

Generally, we will make two visits per case as part of our service; the initial visit to your client, followed by the meeting with the loss adjuster. Further meetings are rarely necessary and although we will attend, a fee for further meetings will be applicable.

Often insurance companies use outsourced jewellery experts (Loss Adjusters) when dealing with jewellery claims. They will often offer vouchers, gift cards or actual replacements items that your clients may not believe represent a fair settlement for their loss. Appointing us early in the proceedings is far more likely to result in a more balanced and fair application of this settlement method.

As part of our loss Assessing service, we will be pleased to provide general advice on reducing the risk of similar losses occurring.This will be free of charge to clients during or immediately after representing them for loss assessment.