As we are now in the middle of November, this is one of the most active times of year for burglars .The dark nights draw in earlier, and people start to spend money on Christmas presents and often have cash ,gifts and jewellery in their homes.

We advise that you keep external areas of your home well lit especially any blind spots where thieves may otherwise hide.

Be extremely vigilant with the physical security of your home ie, windows kept secured , external doors secured even when your home is occupied .Keep external doors fully locked when your home is unoccupied .

Be sure to arm your alarm system when your home is unoccupied even at nighttime before you go to bed .If you don’t have one , get one ! ( NSAI approved )

If you become a victim of burglary , contact the Gardai immediately and HCC immediately after that call to the Gardai.We can then provide the assistance needed to deal with your insurance claim.