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Stephen founded Harris Claims Consultants in 2011 in response to the need for Jewellery and all manner of contents claims expertise in the insurance claims market. Especially for Burglary, theft and loss of items claims.


Prior to working in Insurance as first a loss adjuster and then a loss assessor, he trained in Jewellery, Silversmithing, Horology and Art History including, Fine art and Design.


Harris Claims Consultants provide claims management services to the public, to businesses, to insurance loss assessors, some loss adjusters and to the legal profession.




Stephen is a member of:

  • The Insurance Institute of Ireland.
  • The Institute of Public Loss Assessors U.K


Harris Claims Consultants are approved and regulated by:

  • The Central Bank of Ireland
  • The UK regulatory authority


HCC work primarily throughout the island of Ireland and in the UK .Remember when it comes to burglary or theft, all this experience makes Stephen and Harris Claims Consultants the very best option to choose to achieve the best claims settlement outcome in the most professional manner. So contact Stephen whether you need our help in Ireland or the UK.



Lost valuables/All risks cover

It is a sad fact that sometimes people simply lose valuable property. There is often cover for this, that policy holders are not aware they have so they do not make a claim. This cover would sometimes fully or partially compensate for the loss. If you experience a loss of valuables either in the home or outside and you have home insurance contact us and we will examine your policy to establish whether any cover exists. As it is often not obviously declared to policy holders or hidden in the small print.


In addition a loss of property especially valuables such as jewellery, watches and electronic devices, is difficult to prove to your insurers. We have the experience necessary to help you when it comes to proving a genuine loss. We help you with making reports and statements of the events leading up to the loss.


Even if you are only worried about losing your treasured possessions, but fear losing them in the future, you should contact us to discuss methods of pre-loss protection. For example we can take professional photographs of your items, their receipts, guarantees, valuations or certificates.We can also give storage and protection advice.


In the event of discovering losses of valuables contact us immediately.



Burglary Claims


How our claims management / loss assessment systems work.

  • In cases involving criminal activity (such as Burglary,Theft or Mugging),you should call the Gardai immediately. Following a Burglary do not touch anything as you may disturb vital evidence.
  • Next, contact Harris Claims Consultants. We will:


  1. Obtain your authority from you to work on your behalf and represent your interests .
  2. visit the scene of the incident with you taking details and listing all elements of the losses and damage sustained. Give you any advice that may prevent similar losses in the future as appropriate.
  3. Go through your policy thoroughly examining all aspects of cover and checking all small print. We will give you an outline of the cover and explain any exclusions and confusing terms or phrases used.
  4. Help you prepare a schedule of the loss, guiding you with the documentation you will have to produce to support your claim, helping you present your case.
  5. Liaise with you to obtain any estimates to repair,replace or reinstate your loss.
  6. Hold meetings with your insurance company’s appointed loss adjuster.
  7. Negotiate on your behalf with the loss adjuster, confirming agreement only after you give your approval. Send you our invoice.
  8. Follow up with the insurers to make sure you get your settlement cheque and any replaced or reinstated items in a timely manner.
  9. Await your payment to us at the agreed small percentage based on the full value of the settlement.The percentage is on a sliding scale, see the Fee Payments section of this site.
  10. Provide you with continued service at no additional charge to help you obtain any retention money held back by your insurer pending repairs being completed by you. As long as our full gross fees before any deductions have been paid in full and on time following initial settlement  .Also as long as the works are completed within the time frame allowed by the insurer concerned in the settlement.